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Medically Caused Death In America

Health Plus Letter Vol. 8, No. 5
The Health Plus Letter
February 16, 2010 Vol. 8, No. 5
By Larry Trivieri, Jr. – founder & publisher

Medically Caused Death In America: An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Barbara Starfield By Jon Rappoport

On July 26, 2000, the US medical community received a titanic shock to the system, when one of its most respected and honored public-health experts, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revealed her findings on healthcare in America.

Loose Weight with Angela Stokes

Hi Everyone,

I've just recently become aware of a program offered by Angela Stokes. For those of you who have not heard of her she lost over 160 pounds by switching to the raw food diet plan.

She had lots of problems including medical problems with over 14 medications. She had some mild depression and lack of social connections.