Plant a couple of veggie with your flowers

So spring is bursting out everywhere and it's not too late to put in a couple of food items in your yard.  Nothing like the pride of eating something you grew yourself.  You can easily tuck stuff in amoung your flowers.  I do all the time and people are surprised to see it when they walk around the yard.  "Hey, isn't that a basil plant"  They ask.  Why yes it is tucked right next the the lavendar.  If you don't have a lot of space get a 5 gallon bucket and plant a tomato plant in it.  They love heat and water so make sure they are in a good sunny spot.  Zucchini don't have to take over the place, just get a bush variety and only plant 3-5 seeds.  You'll have plenty for a small family.  Cucumbers are the same, make sure it is a bush variety and do your own taste test between the store bought and your own.  No comparison. 
Memorial weekend is coming up.  That's when we used to plant our garden when I was a kid.  So while you are shopping for your flowers, wander over to the veggie plants.  I'll bet you can find something to hide amoung the petunias and impatience.