All of the raw food recipes included in this site were brought to a raw food potluck.  Where the person included the name of the recipe book from which it came I have included a link to Amazon so you may purchase the book.  I have found if a book has a few raw food recipes that I enjoy they will probably have more.   There is also a search feature for the site so if you have a lot of a certain ingredient on hand you can search for it and find all the recipes which contain it. 

If you find any errors or omissions please e-mail me from the contact page and let me know so I may correct it.  

In addition on my old web site I used to format the recipes in a format that allows them to be cut up and put in a recipe card box or to be punched and put in a three ring binder.  That feature has not been lost.  Just scroll below the recipe and click on the PDF link to find it.